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A ʻTrueʼ family run Irish bar in the heart of the Golden Triangle!

A ʻTrueʼ family run Irish bar in the heart of the Golden Triangle!

This article was written by Algarve Life Stripped Naked:

Keen Rugby supporters Leona, Fran & family opened the Sin Bin in early 2012, but for the non-rugby savvy amongst us, they have decided to re-brand using their surname Lennon (s).

Located just up the road from Apolonia supermarket on the way into Almancil on the left hand side. Lennonʼs is great food to superb hospitality. Lets start from the off, the decor. Clean and inviting, calm and cozy and a genuine smile greets you. The TVʼs play a selection of sport, from Irish to International, calm music plays in the background for the diners, and there is a lovely shaded terrace at the front with ample seating. Your hosts, Leona & Fran are never short of great conversation and are very popular amongst the local expatriates that frequent this charming establishment, alongside holiday makers who have heard much of the food reputation and great atmosphere.

The food, where to start! All (and I mean ALL) food is freshly prepared in the kitchen. Quite a rarity these days, and most probably one of the biggest selling points of Lennons. The restaurant side is half full already, and the bell ʻdingsʼ from the kitchen regularly, with staff hurrying back and forth with laden plates of beautifully presented food. The portions are not massive, they are ample, and from what I see is more than sufficient for normal appetites. The quality of the dishes certainly far exceed the meagre prices. This is 4 star food at 2 star price. I can highly recommend the grilled Salmon, with a gentle lemon and dill butter that sets it off to perfection for 13€. From steaks to homemade pizzaʼs, burgers to a childrenʼs menu, you will be a little spoilt for choice!

The bar…I do love a bar stool, and I do love ʻthe craicʼ as the Irish say, and you wont be short of it here! The staff, the ʻlocalsʼ, Fran & Leona all make you feel more than welcome (even if youʼre on your own) and I enjoyed a good couple of hours of story telling, jokes and banter. The happy hour runs from 5-7pm with a glass of wine at 1€ marvelous! (prices are quoted from July 2012)

To sum up ʻLennonʼsʼ I would say, fantastic food, great value and unrivaled hospitality. Its not the greatest of locations, but the plusʼs certainly out way this small inconvenience of main road frontage. If you are living or visiting, add this on your ʻto doʼ list!

For reservations, contact Lennonʼs on +351 289 391 842 

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