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Rui’s Karaoke Bar in Rui’s Square in Vilamoura

Rui’s Karaoke Bar in Rui’s Square in Vilamoura

This article was written by Algarve Life Stripped Naked:

Ruiʼs has become synonymous for entertainment in Vilamoura for many years. After my fabulous (crunchy crackling) roast pork and all the trimmings at Ruiʼs Carvery, I enter into the world fabulous den that is Ruiʼs karaoke bar. Pinela greets me with a huge smile and a “what can i get for you lovely lady” (my night is made already.) Having half a glass of wine too much at dinner I opt for a diet coke.

As I look around the dimly lit bar, half the TVʼs are showing the sport, the other half have “come join in the karaoke”, and do you know what, Iʼm tempted!! Apprehensively i flick through the song book, and pick upon an old favourite, that old devil called love, shall i? Shanʼt i? Oh go on then!! Slightly nervously, with my glass of non alcoholic beverage i make my way to the stage when Rui calls my name. The bar is much busier than when I had courageously offered myself up as lamb to the slaughter, and I admit, Iʼm quaking!!

Well I pulled that off (just) and a round of applause to boot from the mixed crowd of Irish, English, German, a smorgasbord of cosmopolitanism. With a giant cheesy grin, I make my way back to my seat and my co conspirator of the evening. The night has been filled with fun, some great singers, and some not so great. An evening I have really enjoyed and will happily repeat as I am now initiated as a fully fledged member of the karaoke brave.

Ruiʼs is a little spit and sawdust gem just off the Marina, where you can guarantee a great night. The staff are super friendly, and ʻshowmanʼ Pinela cannot be beaten on cocktails and some pretty awesome flaming shots for groups! The karaoke DJʼs are Simon from Kiss FM and Rui. See their Facebook page under Ruiʼs Square for more details.

For further information, you can follow them on Facebook by clicking here!

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