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No Business in Lisbon: TOP Places to Have Some Rest

No Business in Lisbon: TOP Places to Have Some Rest

Are you in business in Lisbon? You should spend some time to examine the city views and interesting places. Keep your opinions open! You are in Lisbon! So, where is the best cafe in the city? Where are the best places for shopping in Lisbon? The article guide is ready to share the secret information about how to make your business trip to Lisbon interesting.
Regardless of how you are going to spend your free time, you need a plan. The opportunities are wide: walk in the city beautiful streets, seat in a cafe in modern style or catch a giant wave in the popular surfing-spot Dream Coast. You must be ready to make exiting opening and interesting adventures. So, where to start: food and wine degustation or visiting old villages in the Atlantic Coast?

Cuisine in Lisbon

Lisbon is full of modern and original restaurants. You should try the high cuisine in 100 Maneiras, offering original view to Portuguese cuisine. The next worthy restaurant that was awarded with Michelin star is Belcanto. The prominent Portuguese chef Jose Avillez cooks amazing dishes in the beautiful atmosphere. Mini Bar is the next Avillez’s restaurant of absolutely original concept. The bar is placed in the building of Teatro Sao Luiz. This original gastronomy bar offers not only light and tasty food, but interesting music from DJ Vitor Silverira.

To try traditional Portuguese dishes you should go to Solar dos Presuntos – cozy family eating establishment. The prominent chef Carlos Goncalves prefer following traditional Portuguese recipes in Varanda. Never forget to taste cataplana with coriander, shrinks, mussels and fish.

Port Wine in Lisbon

The cool white Port Wine is classic Portuguese aperitif. Nevertheless, barmen are always ready to amaze you with the modern and original view to traditional potent wine. Porto Flip cocktail is cooked with 10-years old Porto and egg yolk with brown sugar, mint and cinnamon.

Park Picnics in Lisbon

If you like picnics, you should not forget about this nice tradition in Lisbon. It is prohibited to make fire in the parks and beaches of Lisbon. You can be arrested or fined. There are many specially equipped places for picnic with tables, benches, outdoor grill and WC. They are usually called Parque das Merendas. You should spend your picnic there for free. Try to clean everything after your picnic. It can be rather romantic to have dinner for two with the bottle of green wine.

Coffee Culture in Lisbon

Cafe a Brasileira was founded in 1905. It boasts with its beautiful interiors in modern style. You can meet creative people here. The cafe is placed at the address of 120 Rua Garrett, close to the popular city elevator – Elevador de Santa Justa.

Belen Trip from Lisbon

You should plan the trip to Belen – port-city, where the most of prominent travellers started their sea voyages. The most impressive city sights are Belen Tower and Mosteiro dos Jeronimos. Their images are used to decorate Lisbon symbols. Never miss Pasteis de Belem cafe, popular of its cakes with scalded cream. They are attractive for bica – espresso in Portuguese style.

Shops in Lisbon

Think about the weather in Portugal. The chances to meet cold weather are small. Nevertheless, gloves are considered to be clothes of high demand. Go to Luvaria Ulisses. Visiting this place, you understand that there is nothing better than hand-made warm gloves. If you are fond of fashion original clothes, go to Luis Onofre boutique for shoes.

Authentic Souvenirs in Lisbon

A Vida Portuguesa is the best visiting souvenir store in the city, where you can buy Portuguese household goods with traditional design. It was opened in 1930. The most beautiful authentic marble you can find in Vista Alegre. Looking for present for your family, you should choose one or another collection of popular world designers, for example, Carsten Gollnick, Joana Vasconcelos, Christian Lacroix, Roberto Chichorro and others. Go to Casa Pereira. This jewelry shop looks like a jewelry box in modern style with marble floor, stony and wooden stores and individual service.

Beach Time in Lisbon

Guincho beach is the best place for surfing. This is a good place for newcomers and experienced surfers, windsurfers, kite surfers. Having a good impressive day, you may finish it in Porto Santa Maria – the best visiting fish restaurant in the province.

Perfect Time in Lisbon

Start your free day from visiting ancient Alfama district. The street labyrinth is full of tasty smell of grilled sardines. You should do shopping in the fashionable street Avenida da Liberdade, where the most of designers’ boutiques are situated. Do it after your lunch! Never miss Hermes, Tous, Swarovski and others. The next step is visiting bar PARK, situated on the roof a high building to have some drink. The view is exciting. There is another restaurant – A Travessa that is popular for dinner. The exclusive Silk Club welcomes you to drink tasty cocktails and admire city from the window.

Information and Touristic Offices

Portuguese is divided into several touristic regions. Obviously, each of them has municipal touristic office or Posto de Turismo. The working hours are similar to the shop working schedule. You can also find touristic offices in the airport, railway station, and big stores. They are assigned with i. The people can help you to know everything about the city events, shops, touristic routes and news. You can buy tickets or book a table for dinner there. You can get a free map and souvenirs. There is a sense to hire a car in Lisbon to feel free in the city.

Hope, this article helps you to have some rest from your business trip. Portuguese is not only for business. Try to get know about the Portuguese secret places, popular restaurants and bars, shops and architecture monuments. You are also offered to visit Portuguese provinces to meet interesting souvenirs, original hand-made clothes and shoes. There is enough space for active leisure, like surfing or windsurfing. Of course, business before pleasure! Nevertheless, there is a time for all things.

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