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La Terrazza Restaurant – Italian Style and Chic in a Warm and Inviting Setting

La Terrazza Restaurant – Italian Style and Chic in a Warm and Inviting Setting

This article was written by Algarve Life Stripped Naked:

With a very Italian flair and feel, La Terrazza is authentic in its dishes and surroundings. Right in the heart of the Praça and next to Montys where I do admit to a few excellent nights out recently!

The elegant dining room is Italian themed, but as the weather is so good I chose to sit on the terrace. There is also a great view of the centre stage here, so not only can you worship the heavenly nights here, you can listen to the entertainment! The one big thing I have noticed amongst all the places I have visited in the Praça, is the seamless way all things flow.

I adore Italian, and chose the Fungo Portobello Gratinato to start, a large mushroom filled with bacon, spinach, onion, sundried tomato, and topped off under the grill with mozzarella to you and me!! Having eaten almost professionally for the whole of the UK in the last few days, as much as the fillet tempted me, I opted for a salad. Insalata di Pollo Cesare, a great combination of balsamic chicken, lettuce, crispy bacon, garlic, croutons and parmesan, with caesar dressing. Now that left me room for Tiramisu, which i can never turn down!!! A bottle of Planalto, and a more than decent espresso (or bica as we say here) just about finished me off. I debated an early night, but Montys is just next door…..

La Terrazza, game on for great food, an ambience that is calm and inviting, and a feeling of being spoilt. Why donʼt you give it try tonight.

For reservations please visit their website La Terrazza or call them on+351 289 353 435

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