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La Creperie in the Praca of Vale do Lobo

La Creperie in the Praca of Vale do Lobo

This article was written by Algarve Life Stripped Naked:

My love of the sweet stuff is well known amongst those who know (and hopefully) love me. La Crêperie offers not only THE most lush crepes and ice creams, but is the perfect place to indulge yourself with some people watching on the cool chill out terrace. A stage offers live entertainment in the early evenings, and a wonderful way to begin a night out in the Praça.

On the way too or from the golden beach just a mere stones throw away, this is the place to pop in for a coffee or something slightly more scrumptious. You know already Iʼve gone for sweet (my dentist is amazed i still have great teeth). I tuck into a delicious banana split as I watch the world go by, and muse at some tall dark and thoroughly gorgeous knight in shining armor sweeping me off my feet, and setting me astride his white charger. Ok maybe that day dream has gone a little too far!!

My macbook and I are sampling a heavily rum laced Pina Colada, and I feel my toes tapping to the background music. A family to my right are giggling merrily at the chocolate ice cream covered face of their son. A group of golfers are doing their scorecards to my left. An elderly couple are arguing over the Times crossword.

I like it here, and so will you :)

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