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Have a drink with the elite at ‘The Pot’

Have a drink with the elite at ‘The Pot’

This article was written by Algarve Life Stripped Naked:

Known to locals as ʻThe Potʼ, the Melting Pot offers a traditional English style watering hole in the centre of Quinta Shopping. You never know who you might be standing or sitting next to in here, from millionaires to holiday makers,

ʻThe Potʼ is comfort and cool mixed into one. A friendly smile from the bar staff greet you, and manners do seem to be the norm, with an ʻexcuse me pleaseʼ as someone walks past! It certainly makes a change to be in a polite but fun environment I must say. The bar offers a wide range of alcoholic beverages, cocktails, wines and snacks, all at good prices considering the area; and make this not only a trendy place to be seen in, but a good value you one as well.

Live music at night provides the entertainment and really brings the atmosphere to life. I had such a fun night out with good friends. Nicole was singing, she really is tremendous. A rocky edge to her voice and an array of songs suit all genres. This is just one of the musical entertainment in a pub geared to suit all. I felt myself swaying to the tunes, as trust me, I donʼt dance due to lack of coordination!!! Relaxed and laughing with the good company I keep, we had a thoroughly enjoyable night.

Children are very welcome and the staff are knowledgeable and accommodating. Heaters are provided outside when the nights feel a little chilly and the seating varies from chairs and tables to comfy sofas with lanterns. All the sport is available on the TVʼs making a home from home Brit pub, and well worth more than one visit. See there facebook page for more info

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