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Giselas Restaurant- A ‘Chocolate Box’ delight of gastronomical deliciousness!

Giselas Restaurant- A ‘Chocolate Box’ delight of gastronomical deliciousness!

This article was written by Algarve Life Stripped Naked:

Vale do Lobo Praça really has grown in quality and charm with the recent opening of ʻGiselaʼsʼ. Some of you may already be familiar with Giselas food through her private catering company ʻFine Dining In Styleʼ and their Michelin trained chefs. Luckily for us, we now have the remarkable new ʻGiselaʼsʼ restaurant.

Everything at Giselas is attention to detail. Hues of pinks and aquas, entwined with trace elements of black and silver leaf, provide the delectable and tasteful ʻchocolate boxʼ interior.. An exquisite menu selection draws you into the magic which is Giselas food creations. This really is a superb dining experience, from the sumptuous and stylish decor, to the quietly unobtrusive and very professional staff. It is a testament to not only the palete, but to all our senses.

Talking with the ever delightful Gisela, her passion for food cannot be denied. In between writing this I am watching the plates coming from the kitchen and thinking to myself ʻoh, how fabulous does that lookʼ or ʻI wish I had ordered that insteadʼ. Almost finger drumming in anticipation I eagerly await my dish to arrive, and I was not disappointed! My entrée of fresh oysters, followed by the most tender chicken satay, and the Macadamia parfait with raspberry coulis, and accompanied with a glass of Champagne, was simply and utterly divine. Gisela laughs as I tell her one visit here is not enough, nor twice, thrice might just about satisfy my menu fancies…for now!

Reservations are essential for the 38 seat dining room or the 38 seat terrace.


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