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Celebrity spotting? Come on down as they go to Monty’s!!

Celebrity spotting? Come on down as they go to Monty’s!!

This article was written by Algarve Life Stripped Naked:

Well I must say I am thoroughly enjoying my time in Vale do Lobo, and my evening is being spent at Montys in the Praça. The terrace is invitingly lit, when you enter through the Montys signature doors, the decor of the main bar area that greats you is that of ʻstylish clubʼ. Reminiscent of a few old London haunts from back in the 80ʼs, I smile with nostalgia. Already I love this place, the atmosphere is spot on, groups of diners, families, golfers, couples. I feel comfortable here. I wonder around looking at the ʻWalls of Fameʼ as ! wait for one of the owners, Ian Digby.

Mr charm himself has arrived and I feel so at ease I could be tipsy, but Iʼm sober (for now)! Ian and his business partner have a solid reputation for quality, style and service. A ʻrepʼ well known amongst our more flavorsome part time residents in the Golden Triangle. The famous (and the footballers) will all have been found at some time or another having a bevy or two in Montys. We chose a table for 2 in the bar area so we can people watch. Starters of Tempura Chicken and Marinated Salmon, mains of Thai Green Chicken Curry and Slow Cooked Belly of Pork was excellent. We made desert a Baileys over ice and a coffee as we really had eaten our fill.

I defy anyone not to pick up on the prestige of the venue, and that makes you feel special too. Never one to deny my love of the bubbly stuff, Ian pours me an ice cold glass of Champagne after dinner as we chat and laugh so much my ribs hurt. He is the host with the most, and I delight in the fact he pays attention to ALL his guests. Macbook packed away, I am now ready to party like its 1999 …. I will leave you with one final thought, somehow i have to manage to walk out of here in my 5” heels, and it wont be easy!! Bottoms up folks, thats me done!!!!!

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How to get to Monty’s?

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