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Beach Review: Vale do Garrao, also known as Julia’s Beach

Beach Review: Vale do Garrao, also known as Julia’s Beach

Vale do Garrao Beach (also known as Julia’s Beach)

Probably the hot spot beach to go in central Algarve, this one is certainly one of my favourites as I have been going to this beach since is was 6 years old! It’s a five minute drive from Dunas Douradas and has a large car park (which gets rather dusty in the summer). The offical name is Vale do Garrao, but you will hear loads of people referring to it as “Julia’s Beach” or simply “Julia’s”. There are five fantastic mouth-watering beach restaurants that have plenty of fresh sea-food and refreshing cocktails to offer.

This beach is patrolled by life guards, so you will always know that there is an extra pair of eyes looking out for your kids (if you do have kids that is). You can hire jet ski’s and pedalow’s if you are up for some beach action. One of the most striking and visual features on this beach is certainly the terracotta-red cliff’s that make this area of the Algarve so unique.

But before you rush off to the first beach bar/restaurant, keep in mind that they are NOT the cheap Portuguese beach bars that you would find further down the coast.! You are in one of the Algarve’s prime locations, especially for wealthy tourists and residents who flood Julia’s beach during peak season’s. I suggest you check out the menu before ordering food, but I can guarantee that your meal will be fresh, delicious and more than fulfilling.

Being on the beach and breathing that fresh sea breeze really opens up your appetite!

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