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Attention to detail …. Give your home a makeover to be proud of (and add value!)

Attention to detail …. Give your home a makeover to be proud of (and add value!)

This article was written by Algarve Life Stripped Naked:

We are all looking for perfection, and that includes our homes. When you buy your new home, (or second home) there will always be things you will want to change from the kitchen sink to a whole renovation.

Using an interior designer can remove much of the stress from this. What I really liked when I met Rodrigo Horn, the maestro behind Juventino design was the way he listens to the client. I was privy to a client meeting, and asked to conclude my thoughts at the end over a coffee, my summary was this. Ok how many hairdressers have we been through until we find the one that cuts it how WE want and not how THEY want? When you find that hairdresser, you hang on to them for dear life, and even follow them if they move salons! Rodrigo is to interior design, as the perfect hairdresser is to us women. He listens, and he does what you want. There are no leaving ʻsignature touchesʼ like other designers, its personal, personal to you.

The showroom on the road into Vale do Lobo from Almancil is a delight. From classic to contemporary, the pieces and ʻsetsʼ change regularly, but give so many ideas. I fell in love with a stunning mirror and a rather unique chair! The fabric and wallpapers are a comprehensive delight of colours, and every material known to man. As per Rodgrigoʼs high standards, the quality of the seamstressʼs and upholsterers used really is first class.

I have been fortunate enough to know the client list Rodrigo has designed and created fabulous interiors for, and I would love to divulge (but I am forbidden!) Do not think an interior designer is just for the rich and famous. As long as there is a budget to work from, it can be done! From complete re-design, to an unusual ʻpieceʼ, Juventino Design masters it all in stunning clarity with an attention to detail that puts him in a class of his own.

Contact Rodrigo at Juventino design at:

Juventino Design

Estrada de Vale do Lobo, Loja 2 Escanxinas

Telefone: +351 289 391 574 Fax: +351 289 391 578 

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