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The Algarve Remains on Ideal Choice for Holidays on a Budget

The Algarve Remains on Ideal Choice for Holidays on a Budget

In tough economic times, the holiday market needs to keep an unwavering eye on price, and no

region has achieved this more successfully than Portugal’s Algarve. In fact, despite the area’s
enduring popularity, prices are consistently lower than those in the UK and other parts of Europe.

This southernly region of Portugal has been in vogue with Brits since the seventies. They particularly
appreciate the constant sunshine and the sandy beaches. Furthermore, and contrary to less popular
Portuguese regions, the Algarve has adapted to the massive amount of foreign tourists visiting every
year and nowadays English is spoken in most places.

Whereas rental prices in the UK and other parts of Europe are often very high, the Algarve remains
affordable. The region vies with its pricier counterparts for the custom of the young and budget
conscious, drawn by a vibrant nightlife. Albufeira offers a range of accommodation within easy reach
of bars and clubs, but this is just one of several resorts dotted along the coast.

The Algarve vibe differs from, say, Ibiza or Ayia Napa. As well as a holiday working out less
expensive, there’s just as much to do, but the ambience is altogether more chilled and relaxed,
providing the perfect backdrop for night time partying and daytime relaxation. The nightlife offers
different ways of partying.

Clubbing tends to attract a cosmopolitan crowd willing to dance until very late, whereas the
numerous bars are full of tourists looking to get drunk. For those who prefer a local and probably
more charming experience at night, restaurants offer regional food which often feature folk music.
Algarve’s culture is also represented by the festivals in smaller towns and villages, which mostly take
place in February, and by folk dancing to acoustic music in bars and restaurants.

The Algarve is served by national and by low-cost carriers, with flights to Faro from most major UK
airports taking around two and a half hours.

This article is a guest post written by Michael G.

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