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5 Secret Beaches in the Algarve

5 Secret Beaches in the Algarve

The Algarve is one of the premier destinations in Portugal for a beach getaway. As visitors from around the world flock to the region for an escape, many of the Algarve’s most popular beaches become crowded. Yet, even close to popular resorts and holiday destinations such as Faro, Lagos, and Albufeira, you can find secluded and less frequented beaches throughout the Algarve. These tranquil beaches offer the best of the Algarve, including abundant sunshine, pristine waters, and picturesque sandy beaches. Best of all, these hidden wonders offer an untamed and remote experience for an unforgettable beach holiday.

Vale dos Homens

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Located near the town of Rogil, the Vale dos Homens beach is a quiet retreat from the popular resorts found in the western city of Lagos. The beach is within the Sudoest Alentegano e Costa Vincentina Natural Park, which stretches along the southwest coast of Portugal. Sheltered by farmland and forests with pine trees, the tranquil beach is accessed by descending 285 steps into an inviting cove. In addition to enjoying a relaxing day by the ocean, the beach is also a perfect spot for surfing.

Vale Figueira

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Vale Figueira sits in a beautiful cove south of Aljezur in western Algarve. The stunning beach is ideal for a secluded day of sun, surf, and sand. Easily accessible, the beach has a large sandy beach and is an excellent spot to enjoy surfing away from the busy waters off more popular beaches in the Algarve. If you are looking for a quiet beach in a natural setting, Vale Figueira is worth seeking out.


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The beach at Murração is a wondrous paradise located between the equally remote beaches of Mirouço and Amado. Surrounded by lush vegetation and bound by scenic hills, the beach remains relatively untouched. Located near Faro, Murração is only accessibly by an unpaved road. The nearby beach at Mirouço sits at the bottom of towering cliffs, while Amado features a long, more developed sandy beach. All three remain quiet escapes from busy beaches in and around Faro.


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Telheiro, close to the western-most edge of the Algarve at Cabo de S. Vincente, is a relaxing and naturally sheltered beach. Although relatively difficult to access, a visit to Telheiro is guaranteed to impress any beachgoer. With interesting geological formations along the sheltering cliffs, the beach offers a unique landscape to relax.
Telheiro is just 6 kilometres from Sagres and visitors often hike to the beach.


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Found near Albufeira, this small beach features rocky cliffs and clear turquoise waters. While not as developed as other beaches of Albufeira, Arrifes has some limited amenities such as a restaurant and washroom facilities. Despite this, the beach evokes a sense of remoteness. Visitors can climb along rugged rocks along the coast, which features a stunning arch-shaped formation just off shore. Beachgoers can also enjoy a drink at an intimate restaurant overlooking the beach. Among the most popular of the Algarve’s secluded beaches, car traffic at Arrifes is limited to protect its natural beauty.

There are several daily flights to the airport of Faro in the Algarve from several UK airports including Manchester Airport and Gatwick

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